What Does ‘Backing a Team to Win’ Mean in Betting?

‘Backing a team to win’ is a common term used in betting. In the olden times, only this kind of betting used to take place. Traditionally, a bookmaker was involved in such type of a betting process. Actually, he/she was the one to carry out the whole transaction for you. It is here that these bookmakers tried their best to deceive the innocent people. Now is the time, when everything is done without any hassles over the Internet. There are plenty of online betting exchange sites that allow you to indulge in bet exchanging and change your destiny. Bookmakers are now out of the scene and that is a plus point for bettors.

In simple terms, backing can be defined as the act of making your selection and betting on it. When you back a team to win, you place your bet predicting that your chosen horse will win in the race. You can place bet on other sports as well. The main thing to be emphasized here is that you predict the outcome of the game as to who will be the winner and place bet on it. When you exchange bets, you have the liberty to demand a higher price. For doing this, all you need to do is simply click on the back button and fill the figure of your choice. Once you have entered the figure revealing your bet, it will then shift to the lay section. If your bet price matches with the laying price of other bettor, your bet will be placed. In other case, if there is nobody to lay your selection, then you will have to either lower down your bet price or take what has been offered. It all depends on how enthusiastic you are and how you perceive things.

Let us try to understand the above mentioned concept with the help of an example. Let us suppose that the best offer in the market for draw at France vs Italy is 2.80. At this point of time, you need to go through betting exchange rates. Let us consider that you succeed in finding an odd bet of 2.90. Now this kind of a bet can certainly be considered and you can think of backing or buying the bet. The procedure is almost similar to what was practiced earlier when bookmakers were involved.

In case it happens that you select an event, make selection, place bet and make a clear cut mention of your stake but are not satisfied with the final result, then you have the option of back order available with you. Let us consider for a while that you are happy with the available odds and your desire is to bet at odds 3.10, then you can place the order for backing at 3.10 by putting 100 pounds on stake. In this situation, you will have to wait for the time till you succeed in finding a punter who is ready to draw the match at 3.10 by laying 100 pounds. If someone is ready to match your bet deal then your bet can be placed. If you find a bettor who is ready to put 30 pounds on stake at 3.10, then for the left 70 pounds, you need to look for another bookmaker who can lay bet at 3.10. This is how backing is done.

It is Better to Be a Betting Affiliate Rather Than Endangering Your Money in Betting

Online sport betting has paved a way for the entire betting industry to flourish and grow massively. There are several reasons for such an immense popularity in this particular field. It actually created a way through which it can be delocalized and accessible globally.

Nowadays, these kind of betting systems have an international attention and have a diversity of customers willing to invest their money to bet. This makes the current betting industry increasingly feasible. Billions of dollars started to come in through the blessing of internet and the industry is therefore growing as never before.

You can put your money on betting and earn through your right, knowledgeable and intelligent prediction about the outcome of the particular sport you are betting on.You van even earn dollars by being a sports betting affiliate.

Betting affiliate is a person who acts as an accomplice and works for the sport betting sites or organizations to bring the paying customers. When these people register for a bet play, the affiliates are rewarded with their share or profit. So, as a betting accomplice, you can verbally invite someone to use your particular sport betting website and you can have your profit as you bring more cash flow to your website

After all it is better to be an affiliate rather than risking your valuable money by directly stepping into the betting process and placing a bet. Being a betting affiliate can be a good idea to earn profit if you are not interested in bet plays.

Small Business Debt Collection

Debt collection is important for all businesses, but it is much more important for small businesses.  A large business or corporation can better weather the ups and downs of economic cycles, because they have more financing options.  A small business on the other hand may not have as many options and one bad debt can send the company into bankruptcy.

It is extremely important that small businesses have an action plan for debt collection.  Without a written out plan, you are gambling with your business and its ability to stay out of bankruptcy.  Many businesses could have foregone bankruptcy during the financial crisis with a proper plan of action.

How do you decide what is the proper plan of action for collecting your old accounts receivables?  When is the time to start collecting and stop extending the terms?  This can depend on what type of business you have, but a general rule of thumb is the earlier you start, the better your chances of collecting the debt.  Take a look at the chart below to see the chances of collecting versus the age of the debt.

As you can see, the earlier you are to act, the better your chances for collecting the account.  The crucial time for debt collection is at 90 days past due.  The percentages drop by almost 25% and the debt becomes very hard to collect.

You should do all you can as a company to collect the debt before the 90 day mark, but make sure to turn the debt over for collections before the 90 day mark.  This will allow the collection agency to do their research and act on the debt before it gets to the 6 month time period.  It is very difficult to collect a debt if it goes past 6 months.  Most collection agencies will not waste their time with a debt this old.  It is hard for a collection agency to stay in business, because the odds of collecting are so low.

I wish you well in your small business affairs and I hope that you are able to collect all of your bad debts.  If there is one thing that you take from this article, make sure you act sooner than later, your business success might depend on it.

8 Things You Must Not Do When In Bangkok

When you are touring Bangkok, then you should better familiarize yourself with the local culture so that you do not fall prey to some moments of embarrassment or in some civic troubles. The customs and rituals of this country may not be similar to what you are used to back home. So, here are a few things which you should abstain from doing during your Bangkok tour:

1. Do not Place Your hand Over the Head of any person or child. In India, usually elders place their hands over children or any younger person as a mark of offering his blessing. But the same can lead you into trouble in Thailand since such an act is considered offensive. The portion over the head is considered sacrosanct and revered in Thailand. Hence, you should refrain from touching it.

2. Do not Point with Your Toes or Feet: The Thai community regards the feet and the toes as an abominable part of the body. So, no one uses them to point at anything. You too must refrain from pointing towards anything with your feet, as that would be seen as a mark of disrespect.

3. Do not Get Mushy in Public Places: If you hail from a western country or have enjoyed a liberal upbringing, then please take note of the fact that this country does not encourage PDA (public display of affection). Bangkok may appear to be flashy and modern, but its locals are traditional and do not permit people to kiss openly at public venues.

4. Stay Away from Gambling: Gambling is not legally permitted in this country. So, you must not ask people about directions to casinos.

5. Do not Disrespect the Thai King: The royal family is regarded with great esteem and reverence. Foreign tourists must never speak of them with disrespect or with a tone of mockery, since that would infuriate the general public and get you into trouble.

6. Do not Get Lured by Call Girls: Cities like Bangkok and Pattaya are notorious for brothels and call girls. You may feel tempted to slip into the bed with them. But it is advisable not to do so, since many of these girls carry those diseases which can be transferred to you during the act of profanity and prove to be extremely deadly.

7. Stay Away from Drugs: While buying the Bangkok packages, you will be clearly warned not to indulge in any activity revolving around drug trafficking. Though it is an illegal and an immoral activity, the practice is still followed behind silent corridors. If someone finds you gullible and tries to pull you into this business, be bold enough to refuse him. If caught, you shall find yourself behind the bars. If not caught, you shall find yourself getting imprisoned to the evil known as ‘drug addiction.’

8. Do not Blindly Trust Any Stranger: Some people in Bangkok may appear extremely polite and amicable. But it would be naïve to put your blind trust in them. The nefarious-minded people may swindle you off your funds or even commit some other gruesome crime of a more grievous nature. So, even while you get friendly with a random male or female, do remember to maintain safe distance.